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In the world of go! go! go! we don't have time to stop moving, which is why the iwalk 3.0 has become a great asset in the arena of mobility devices. The engineering of the iwalk 3.0 provides a crutch substitute with increased independence post-injury. Its improved comfort, with an enhanced shin pad constructed of foam and gel, with added groves to allow for better ventilation which prevents overheating, sweating, and pressure points on your injured limb trumps its predecessor. The easy-to-adjust straps with color coding make the iwalk 3.0 a breeze to handle. Just a quick snap release and you can use the restroom and be back to the kitchen in a jiffy. A few practice steps, and you're walking, crutch free.

Our recent patient a mother of two said, "How does anyone expect me to make 3 meals and get these kids to school and soccer practice with crutches? My kids don't stop, so neither can I. The iwalk 3.0 will be my savior! I can't imagine how I could grab my purse, my kids' lunch, and car keys with underarm crutches. The option of a Rollabout or knee scooter is not suitable unless I have help to fold, lift, and place it in the trunk. I'm a single mother and that's just not an option."

The flexibility and freedom the iwalk 3.0 offers is unmatched by any other device on the market. If you were a healthy and active person prior to your injury, then the iwalk 3.0 will be your partner in healing.

Check out this video to see if the iwalk 3.0 is suitable for you:

(not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or any MCO of Illinois)

1. Call your insurance provider and ask if hcpc code E0118 is covered and if all american medical supply is an in-network provider under your policy

2. Have your prescribing doctor complete the certificate of medical necessity.

3. Text 773.764.0184 REGISTER to complete the process, same day fittings are typically available by an iwalk certified fitter.

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